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[BETA] Super Image Denoiser 3.2.0 (SID) - Temporal AI Denoising using OptiX!


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João Matos

Hi there! The first time I used the beta it worked just fine, and with 1024 samples and 0.1 threshold the interior archviz scene from Blender demo files turned out quite good. I decreased the threshold to 0.03 to compare the results but, when I clicked "Denoise noisy frames 2/2" Blender crashed. I opened it again and tried to execute the function one more time, but a error message appeared "00001.exr not found, animation must be complete". Is this behavior a consequence of being in beta, or is there something I can do?

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Pidgeon ToolsCreator

Hi, SID is being developed by multiple developers. I forwarded this to Kami, who added the OptiX temporal denoising feature. If you join the discord server, you can help kami debug this issue. Kind regards, Kevin Lorengel

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João Matos

Hi Kevin! Thanks for you swift answer. I'd love to join the discord server, but when I try it a message appears saying "Não foi possível aceitar o convite". In portuguese, this means "It was not possible to accept the invitation". It was not the first time that happened to me when I wanted to join this specific discord channel. Am I doing something wrong? Respectfully, João Matos

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