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[Addon] Super Resolution Render - v1.2 (SRR)

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!!! All further Developents will happen in the Pidgeon Tool Bag !!!

Super Res Render allows you to render in extreme resolutions!

When you want to render a poster, you need to render at ultra resolutions like 12k or even 64k. But often you lack the system memory to do so, and blender will crash!

This add-on works by breaking the image into multiple tiles, and rendering it in smaller, separate images, that can be combined to a big, full res image!

Using SRR is very simple! And works with every render engine that blender supports!

All you have to do is press the “Render Frame” button in SRRs menu and wait for it all to render!

Be sure to have the project saved before, as it will output the rendered frames into a sub-folder of the project file.

A video with more details will be coming soon.

SuperResRender was developed to work with SID.

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[Addon] Super Resolution Render - v1.2 (SRR)

55 ratings
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