[Addon] Super Fast Render 3 (SFR)

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!!! All further Developents will happen in the Pidgeon Tool Bag !!!


This Add-on optimizes your scene with a single click!

You can improve your render-times by a tremendous amount!

SFR gives you several presets to one-click-optimize your scene!

For Blender 2.93 - 3.6!

How to use it: YouTube Tutorial

Get frequent updates: join discord!


- Select between Manual and Automatic optimization!

Automatic optimization is going to benchmark your scene:

Benchmark Res: the resolution of your scene when bench-marking, the higher the number, the greater the accuracy, but takes longer.

Threshold: how little the change between settings can be, before aborting. The lower the value, the more iterations the benchmark will take, before finishing.

Path: define where you want the files to be saved when doing the bench-marking.

Manual optimization will provide you with 3 presets (only use for viewport) :

  • SUPER - for the fastest render speed
  • High - for a nice middle ground
  • Beauty - for fast renders that still look gorgeous!

Texture Optimization:

Optimize your textures with a single click! Textures take up the majority of your memory, so it's important to optimize them, so they use as little memory as possible.

With SFRs Texture Optimizer you can do all that with a single click!

How does Super Fast Render Work?

SFR iterates individually through a number of Cycles settings; for each setting it performs a number of test renders to determine when that particular setting stops having a significant effect on the render output -- that is, when the change of brightness in the image is less than the specified threshold. Lower thresholds allow smaller changes to still be identified as improvements (at the cost, of course, of render time).

The settings that can be tested, depending on which passes are enabled, are:

- Max bounces for Diffuse, Glossy, Transmission, Volume, and Transparency rays

- Indirect Light clamping value

- Caustic "Filter Glossy" threshold

- Whether reflective caustics should be enabled

- Whether refractive caustics should be enabled

The "Total Max Bounces" setting will be set appropriately based on the results of the above tests.

Coming Soon:

Mesh Optimization (already available as Beta)

Supported render engines:

  • Cycles
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[Addon] Super Fast Render 3 (SFR)

142 ratings
I want this!